Monday, February 23, 2009

Jimmie Reign Video Screening Party at Air Lounge

photos and story by Jocelyn M. Goode

Oakland, CA is bubbling with fresh talent, style and flavor. This was very apparent at the screening of Jimmie Reign's single "A Different Person" at the chic Air Lounge.
The Bay Area songstress performed before an eager crowd of neo-soul trendies kickin' it on a Tuesday night. FAIM Magazine was in the house to capture the moment and snapshot the different stylistic perspectives.
Oakland in-the-mixers like Tyranny Allen of Lucky's Barbershop, Baba Afolabi of Suru and Malika of the Hyphy Show were in the house to support Jimmie. Her new song, which is about feeling like somebody else after having too many drinks, had the audience groovin' and Ms. Reign relished in the moment.

Friday, February 13, 2009

FAIM Is...Flo Jo

Speed. Style. Sex appeal.

Florence Griffith Joyner had it all.

Her performances, and flashy spandex styles accentuated by nails gone wild (way before SWV's CoCo, for the record), captivated audiences worldwide as she set world records while running for Olympic gold in the 100M and 200M in 1988. The homegirl from Los Angeles' Jordan Downs projects made herself into an international track star in the mid-80s, and black folks everywhere were in awe of everything Flo Jo: her florescent outfits, long black hair, backed by her sexy athleticism.

Among the things she did away from the track was design the basketball uniforms for the NBA's Indiana Pacers in 1989. That alone is a fraction of the funkiness that Flo Jo delivered. She forever embodies sport and style and repped a flamboyanct philosophy throughout her daily expression.

And, that is truly, what makes her FAIM.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Style Soldier Spotting!

Style Soldiers is our way of giving props to people we come across who possess a unique aesthetic and fashion perspective. Check back frequently for updates.

These two represent the eccletic side of West Oakland flava at the McClymonds Alumni Basketball game in early 2009.
One sports an outfit that plays on the color red, which repeats from the overlapping patterns to her bracelet, belt and boots.
The other has a look I call "Daring-Dainty". The style is in the contrasting of feminine, pink accessories and embellishments against the implied ruggedness of gloves, jeans and sneakers. She is fly and she is ready to get down!

I spotted this couple in Piedmont, Oakland looking too fly and funky with their complementary Afros and stylized kicks.