Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FAIM Internet Magazine Goes Underground for Expansion

FAIM Internet Magazine Goes Underground for Expansion
story, photo and video by Jocelyn M. Goode

On December 31st, 2008 a pregnant thought delivered in the mind of Jocelyn M. Goode, the multi-talented and eclectic creator of FAIM Internet Magazine. The thought was more like a vision where people could read about the experiences of others finding ways to utilize creativity and culture to create commerce and social progress. The vision gave birth on January 1st, 2009 to a publication focused on fashion, art, interactivity and movement catering to creative, open-minded, forward-thinking, analytical and entrepreneurial people.

The acronym defines the scope of the magazine. Fashion is undeniable; it is expressed in the daily choices people make as they dress themselves. Art is personal expression manifested through form and material. Interactivity is participation and exchange. Movement is organized events progressing toward an objective. Over the past 7 months, FAIM Internet Magazine has featured over 15 profiles and events taking place primarily in the Bay Area and New York City. At its peak, articles published every Tuesday by the end of the the West Coast business day. Still, the nascent publication has leaps and bounds to grow.

Therefore, as of Tuesday, July 28th, FAIM Internet Magazine is going underground for expansion. The response to the articles has been encouraging and appreciative. Also, opportunities have arisen to elaborate the operation, which will require development time underground. Stay tuned for short bites and clips like the one below, that will be released intermittently during the metamorphosis. FAIM Internet Magazine is on twitter; follow us for tweets announcing fresh content.

Harlem, NYC-June 2009

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