Monday, June 1, 2009 Money, Save the Air

by Jocelyn M. Goode, Founder FAIM Magazine

June 1, 2009

Who would guess that a catching a cab is the next new trend in saving money? The founder of, Jonathan McKinney  did. He took his concept of coordinated cab-sharing and turned it into an urban commodity. is a website where people needing a cab can set-up rides at select "hot spots", which are usually in front of stores, restaurants and coffee shops in the greater NYC area.The website also allows patrons to join in on rides scheduled by other users traveling in similar directions, from similar areas at similar times. 

Another benefit to is that it reduces what John calls "carbon footprints", the toxins released in the air when 12,500 NYC yellow cabs transport single riders in 70% of their rides. The service provides benefits to the air, the drivers and the riders, easily making it  the next best thing.'s evolvement from idea to reality is just as inspiring as the concept. John McKinney conceived of the internet service while waiting for a cab yet wishing that he didn't have to use all the money in his pocket to afford the ride. He thought of a way where people going in the same direction at the same time, could link up to split a cab. 

Once he had the idea down, he shared it with friends for feedback and sought the affirmation from people he respected. Friends supported the idea of and shared their contacts with John creating what he calls "collective intelligence". The premise of the concept is the more people that participate, the cheaper the service will cost and the better the quality will be.

Following a recommendation from a friend, John linked with a college graduate who had specialized skills relevant to building a website like Together they realized the idea into fruition. has been present on and other social networking sites since May 16, 2009. It has yet to be released to the general public, however it will launch a marketing campaign in the months to come to increase awareness of the cab-sharing benefits. 

Those interested in learning more may visit the website and schedule rides to test drive the service. For more information about visit or email Jonathan McKinney at

Jonathan McKinney, Founder breaks down being an entrepreneur.


  1. Very hot idea! The concept seems very similar to but for cabs.

    Keep pushing forward Jonathan.

    - Hasan

  2. Thanks for the support, Hasan.

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